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Method Defense Systems manufactures Discrete ARmored Transport vehicles [DARTs], offered in basic configurations with optional upgrades. These units have been developed to provide excellent maneuverability in narrow urban spaces, ample storage for items in transport, and varying degrees of protection. Opaque and transparent armor, along with other features, can be combined to your specifications to meet anticipated threats. Optional shelving, racks, safes, accomodations for additional personnel, or other features can be installed to best fit the needs of your industry.


Discreet Profile
Allows for greater maneuverability in narrow urban environments
Rear Swing-Out Doors
Ample space for loading and unloading
Side Access Door
Convenient quick access

Features and options include:                                                                       

  • Curved Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass
  • Runflat Tire Inserts
  • Armor Plate
  • Composite Armor
  • Transparent Armor
  • Fire Mitigation Liner
  • Fire-resistant and self-sealing fuel tanks
  • And More

Adidtional vehicle models can be hardened, and profiles can be overt or discreet in accordance with operational needs.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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